Ariston +20KS

Produced by DTU "AGROMARKET IGOR" LLC – Strumica

The liquid fertilizer contains three main macrobiogen elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen is very important for the formation of vegetative mass in a crops. Phosphorus is one of the essential elements needed for proper nutrition of crops. Potassium is macrobiogen element extensively used in food plants.


Measure of application: foliar application (spraying) 0.2-0.3%, ie 200-300mL for 1da. Fertirigation (with irrigation) 1-3L on 1 da.

Before using fertilizer to be mixed well. The fertilizer can be stored at temperatures above +80C.

Chemical composition: total nitrogen (N) -3-5%; Phosphorus (P2O5) -2-4%; Potassium (K2O) -19-21%; Boron (B) -0.01%; Iron (Fe) -0,03%; Copper (Cu) -0.001%; Mangan (Mn) -0.01%

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