BIOLINFA is a mixture of highly concentrated organic nitrogen and other organic substances (amino acids, peptides, humic acids, etc.) and the mineral K2O. Also applying BIOLINFA comes to improving the microbial flora in the soil, which causes greater and more rapid degradation of the organic matter of humus in the soil. Thus enhances the maturation of the fruit, and increase fruit sugars in themselves, consistency and color of fruits and better storage of fruits after harvesting.


Dosage, method and time of application




Fruit trees, citrus, olives, grapes


100-300ml  in    100 L water

Fertirigation: 1-3 L  on 1 da

2-4 applications in the vegetative stage of recovery, and again during the fattening of fruits 2-3 weeks interval



3-4; before transplantation, and during the feeding and maturation

2-3 weeks interval

Flowers and ornamental plants

2-3 after transplantation and throughout the entire cycle of 3-4 weeks interval


Chemical composition: organic nitrogen (N) -3%; Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water - 5.8%; organic matter -34.2%

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