Chelan Cu

This is quite effective cupreous liquid fertilizer, where copper is in chelated form, despite the organic nitrogen containing peptides and proteins. Can be applied on all crops (to be applied in pomology before the beginning of the vegetation). This fertilizer stimulates the plant enzymes in various reactionary processes (carbohydrate metabolism), participates in photosynthesis and the energy products etc. Its specific activity in plants provides an emergence of resistance to infections from parasites and phytopathogenic causers of diseases. Also prevents an occurrence of deficit in plants from the elements it contains.


  • Copper (in chelated form) - 6.5%
  • Nitrogen (Organic) - 3.5%
  • Proteins,
  • Peptides - 20%


  • General dosage:
    Fertigation: 1 - 1.5 liters/1000 m2
    Foliar: 75-150 ml/100 liters water
  • Grapevine:
    Foliar: 100-150 ml/100 liters water during the vegetation on several occasions.
  • Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes:
    Fertigation: 1 lit/1000 m2 Foliar: 100-150 ml/100 liters water, with more applications.
  • Cucumbers, watermelons, melons:
    Foliar: 75-100 ml/100 liters water Fertigation: 1 lit/1000 m2
  • Carrots:
    Foliar: 75-100 ml/100 liters water.
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