nPk 3 (8-8-8) +ME

Produced from DTU '"Agromarket Igor" dooel
This is a mineral liquid fertilizer with balanced composition, which tends to correct balance of nutritional elements. Nitrogen (N) is an important biogenic macro element that participates in many biochemical and physiological processes in the plant. He also stimulate the growth and development that increases the vegetative mass of plants. When the plants are young or at the stage of transplanting or planting is recommended phosphorus in order to better and faster rooting. The need of P is more in blooming and fertilization of crops. Potassium (K) participates in the process of photosynthesis, respiration and other oxido-reduction processes and is a good regulator of water regime in the plant. Trace elements affect the migration and redistribution of elements in plants. It recommended in gardening, farming, fruit growing, viticulture and horticulture.
Dose of use: foliar application (spray) 0.2-0.3%, i.e. 200-300 mL in 100L water. Fertirigation (irrigated) 1-3L on 1 hectare.
Before using fertilizer well be mixed.
The fertilizer can be stored at temperatures above + 8 C.
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